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When do I get paid?

Checks are distributed bi-monthly on the 10th and 25th.

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When is my performance review?

Performance reviews are conducted on a semi-annual basis.

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How many vacation days do I have per year?

IBSS has an accrued leave annual paid plan, which varies based on the number of eligible years of service.

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How many sick days do I have per year?

IBSS has an accrued leave annual paid plan, which does not distinguish between vacation and sick leave. Instead a “bank” of days are accrued which allows more flexibility in taking paid time off.

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What is the company dress code?

IBSS asks that all staff dress for success to communicate professionalism at client sites.

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Is my company e-mail private/What is the e-mail policy?

Employees should be aware that whenever e-mail (including instant messaging) is sent, their name, user id, and location are included in each electronic message.

·         Company e-mail should strictly be used for Company business and not be used for personal use. The Company does monitor e-mail.

·         Exercise good judgment and common sense when creating and distributing e-mail messages. Offensive email should never be sent via Company e-mail.

·         There is no guarantee of privacy with company e-mail or instant message, and the Company reserves the right to access all aspects of Employees’ e-mail at any time for any reason without notice to the Employee.

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